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Mr Natty

Dopp Kit Bag

Dopp Kit Bag

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 Buckle up for the grooming adventure of a lifetime with the Mr Natty Wash Bag – it's not just a bag; it's practically a superhero cape. Made from the finest ECOPAK, which, by the way, is like the James Bond of fabrics – waterproof, recycled, and cooler than an English summer.

Now, let me hit you with some numbers – each yard of ECOPAk turns 20 plastic water bottles into a textile party. Talk about saving the planet with style!

But wait, there's more. Our ECOPAK  is the Chuck Norris of fabrics. It outlasts, it's drier than a camels arse (absorbs 80% less moisture), and it's got better UV resistance and color retention than your favorite fading jeans.

And here's the kicker – every single one of these bad boys is handcrafted in Brooklyn by the one and only Stec Lee. Yeah, you heard it right – hand made with love and a dash of Brooklyn charm. It's like having a piece of NYC in your grooming arsenal.

So, grab your Mr Natty Wash Bag, load it up with our handcrafted potions and lotions, and get ready for a grooming journey that's more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Your beard will thank you, and so will Mother Earth. 

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